Ha Noi / Mai Chau / Pu Luong / Ngoc Lac / Kim Lien / Vinh / Huong Khe / Phong Nha / Cam Lo / Khe Sanh / Aluoi / Hue / Hoi An / Da Nang

The network expanded disorderly to 5.5 meters of large dust routes which are covered partly with corduroy and small rocks, truck parking and bike and foot ways. Warehouses, hospitals, army camps, order and control department and bunkers were available in a huge number. The complicated network of artificial and natural concealment hided all these things from the airy monitor. This system was spread and changed all the time. Until the year 1973, trucks were able to run the whole path. They did not have to appear on the ford springs or they could come across the primitive underwater bridges.

We will start leaving Hanoi heading to Mai Chau where we are going to ride on the mountainous old Ho Chi Minh path. Then we keep moving through the magnificent valley to the direction of Hoi Xuan, Pu Luong. After that, we stop at a home stay in the nature reserve for the night time. 

Departing from Pu Luong on the unsmooth tarmac way, we keep moving toward Ngoc Lac where we stay the night.

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We are going to move by cycle on the currently constructed two-lane Ho Chi Minh freeway. We travel to Kim Lien where we drop in on Uncle Ho’s hometown. After that we leave this place heading to Vinh City and take a rest here in the evening. 

One more time, we travel on this freeway by bike on the hilly trail toward Huong Khe and rest there. 

We leave Huong Khe in the forenoon. Through Ho Chi Minh Trail, we reach Phong Nha. It is a great time to cycle on this route and admire the beauty of valleys and mountains. We settle down at Phong Nha.

We are going to travel on this path again but head to Cam Lo. Then we call on Khe Sanh close to the boundary with Laos. The night of us will be in Khe Sanh.

Passing by the magnificent spots toward Khe Sanh fight base, we keep moving to Aluoi on the uneven ground in the south of this path freely. We are going to rest there.

Crossing the path to Hue City, we will travel without entering the poor-conditioned route in the southern Aluoi. We will take a rest at a hotel there.

It is a leisurely experiencing day in this city. We are going to travel around Hue and drop in on Forbidden City. After that, we join a cruise on Perfume River.

The first activity is cycling upward to Hai Van Pass. Then we take a motor trip to the seaboard heading to Da Nang. We keep cycling to Hoi An and stay there.

Through the villages, paddy fields, we cycle to My Son on a route with beautiful sceneries around. We pass the eucalyptus wood, luxuriant forest and Song Tranh River. We are going to reach Hoi An at night time and take a rest here.

You have free time to experience Hoi An enjoying the final time. After that, you are taken to Da Nang and take the flight.

Conclusion: Sometimes, the logistical support was widely considered as romance. In the past, groups of bare-footed people rode cow-cart, pushed weigh-carried bikes, delivered animals and brought several tons of goods. But later, the way of transferring supplies was replaced by truck that became the major way of delivering goods in this time. The third Truck Transport Group of the General Back Service Sector, in December 1961, was the earliest motor transportation component sent out to the northern side of Vietnam with the aim of making the path and the rapid increase in the usage of motor vehicle.

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