Sai Gon / Vung Tau

In the period from 14th to 15th century, the headland – the former Vung Tau was a marsh. It was the place that gathered trading boats from Europe. The name of this city was originated from the trading activities of these boats with the meaning of mooring.

We are going to come across the rural area of Saigon heading toward Long Thanh. On the way there, we pass by rubber and semolina farms. The roads we go on are the most beautiful. We also cross the greatest bridge of this city.

When reaching Vung Tau, we will ascend Nho Mountain where the second greatest Jesus monument worldwide is placed. We have a chance to admire the spectacular coastal scene. After that, we drop in on White Palace and 2 seashores namely Front and Back. We are going to spend the afternoon on enjoying swimming and relish lunch with tasty seafood.

Finally, the excursion ends by the return of us to Ho Chi Minh City.