Sai Gon / Tra Vinh / Can Tho / Ha Tien / Chau Doc

Located in the south west of Vietnam, Mekong Plain is the place that Mekong River moves toward and pours through branch system into the sea. The area of Mekong Plain covers 39000 km2 of the ground in the south west of our country. 
The water-covering area changes upon seasons.

Mekong has a lot of paddy fields; thus, due to its contribution in the year 1997, Vietnam became the third greatest rice-exporting country worldwide following India and Thailand. Then our rankings rose one level 10 years later. Moreover, Mekong is also the big producing place of exported materials such as shrimp, catfish and Basa fish.

Currently, it has been called “biological valuable store” with more than one thousand novel species found in untouched land, especially the appearance of that rat that was believed to die out.

Most of the Mekong Plain residents are Viet people and ethic minority Khmer inhabiting mainly in Soc Trang and Tra Vinh; Cham people in Tam Chau of An Giang. Chinese people account for a considerable part of Tra Vinh and Kien Giang’s populations. 

The first day: 50-kilometer-long way from Ho Chi Minh City to Tra Vinh (with lunch served).

In the morning, we are going to have a meal and then depart from Saigon. It takes us a few hours to reach My Tho which is considered as the Mekong entrance. We move to the center of Mekong’s countryside. When the boat arrives at My Tho through Tien River, we will start cycling on small roads. We will travel on the rocky dusty roads crossing villages, dams and lush greenery.

After that we join a cruise on Co Chien River heading toward Tra Vinh which is beautiful town with many green plants and a big proportion of the population is Khmer people. We are going to rest at a hotel there.

The second: over 85 kilometers from Tra Vinh to Can Tho (with breakfast and lunch).

Before joining a cruise heading to Vinh Long, we will be served a meal in the morning. To reach Vinh Long which is well-known for Mekong fruits, we have to move on the small roads of the countryside by cycle. Due to the close distance, we can spend time to travel around the paths. We will settle down at a native hotel in Can Tho.

The third day: from Can Tho to Ha Tien about 80 kilometers (with breakfast and lunch).

On this day, we have 2 journeys. We eat our breakfast in the early morning. Then we join a cruise toward a well-known floating market named Cai Rang. After that we will head to Phong Dien on a small paved route. Alongside the crowded river bank, we pass through a hectic forenoon market.

Keeping going on small path heading to the major road to return Can Tho where we are going to eat a meal at noon. After that, we travel to Long Xuyen on a minor road. Then we take a boat trip and arrive at a hotel in Ha Tien.

The fourth day: more than 75 kilometers from Ha Tien to Chau Doc (with breakfast and lunch).

In the morning, we relish a meal and then travel toward Triton. Then we move to Chau Doc be bike on winding tranquil distinctive way.

In the middle of the afternoon, we will reach Chau Doc. If you are still energetic, you can join in the excursion upward Sam Moutain where you can contemplate the beauties of Chau Doc’s sunset from above. The dinner will be served and the night of us will be there also.
The last day: from Chau Doc back to Saigon (with breakfast and lunch).

In the morning, we will have a meal in our hotel and then join a cruise on Mekong River reaching to floating houses. We have a chance to see the snapper fish and catfish farms under these houses. After that we drop in on Cham hamlet. It is the home to around 12000 artisans of making hats and sarongs with their traditional craft passed through generations. We are going return and take a bus back to Saigon.

- Breakfast 

- Lunch