Sai Gon / Ben Tre / Vinh Long

Mekong owns a luxuriant basin which is considered as among the most abundant lands worldwide with about 1200 recognized kinds of fish. In the north of Mekong River toward the boundary with Laos, Thailand and Myanmar, it flows quite fast with pointless water. The snow-melting stream makes the flow of this river become stable. 

Irrawaddy dolphin was found easily in the lower area in the past. However, nowadays, it is fewer and fewer. Siamese crocodile is regarded to live in Mekong. It is in the edge of extinction. Some mammals also reside round the river such as fish cat, smooth-skin otter.

The first day: from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tren and then to Vinh Long with 60-kilometer-long cycling. It takes a few hours to travel from Saigon heading to Ben Tre in the forenoon. Ben Tre is the Mekong Plain entrance. You will go directly to the center of Mekong. When the boat trip through Tien River arriving in My Tho, we will start moving by cycle. You are going to travel on a small path across sugar cane fields, banana farms and luxuriant trees in the plain.

We may experience the dirt ground with small stones, admire the weaving fabric hanging around the villages. We go through dams and bushy plants. All these things contribute to the splendid trip. The night will be on An Binh Island. 

The second day: from Vinh Long to Cai Be, Cai Lay, My Tho and arrive at Saigon with cycling about 50 kilometers.
In the morning, we are served a meal and then we take a boat trip on Mekong River. We move to a kindergarten which has several plants being prepared to be carried to the garden.

The journey keeps going to a crowded market named Cai Be. Reaching this floating market, we are going to call on rice paper making work of a family. Rice paper is a Vietnamese crucial material for cooking. We also drop in on pop corn, pop rice and coconut sweet manufacture. Next, we travel to Cai Lay by cycle and have a break there. After that, we move to My Tho and enjoy lunch time. Then we drop in on Vinh Trang Khmer Pagoda. The next destination is Tam Vu. On the way to this place, we have chances to watch the green fruit trees.

We are going to return Ho Chi Minh City in the afternoon. It is the end of the journey.

More information: 

Its temperature ranges from 21.1 to 27.8°C with 6.2-6.5 pH. The biotic zones are divided into 2 parts of the lower and upper area. There are a lot of fish living in the upstream flows such as carp, sucker catfish, loach and hill stream loach. The downstream flows have some kinds of fish namely murrel, carp, and catfish.

It is among the greatest habitats of various types of fish. Giant carp is the most enormous species. It is possibly 150 centimeters long and 70kg weigh. Other big fish is freshwater stingray with the 14-feet swing spread. There are 3 species that are about 300 kg weigh and 3m long namely Siamese giant carp, Mekong giant catfish and pangasius. Owing to the overfishing and the flood control, the number of them drops dramatically. 

- Breakfast.

- Lunch.