Cu Chi Tunnels / Tan Phu Trung Village

Cuchi is a system of tunnels under the ground. It is in Cuchi District, Ho Chi Minh City. It is a broad subterranean network which played crucial role in the Vietnam War with the shelter for many army soldiers. It was also the uprising base of Viet Cong in Tet military campaign in the year 1968.

Vietnamese communists concealed beneath these tunnels in the battle. Other functions are to contain weapon or food, to become the hospitals and the way to keep in touch with each other along with the accommodation for soldiers. They were very important in the fight against the US enemies and prolonging the battle with the climax of these attackers’ countermarch. 

40-kilometer-long way of cycling with lunch served 

The systems of Cu Chi Tunnels is a huge connection of subterranean ones with the function of fighting base in the period of Vietnam combat, especially in Tet revolution in the year 1968.

We are going to leave Ho Chi Minh City heading toward Tan Phu Trung village. Passing by rubber farms, we drop in on to watch the making process of rice wine and rice paper. Before strolling in this spot, we may watch a film about the 1967 combat. We have a chance to enter the primary tunnel located under the surface 3 meters. Moreover, there is a must-try activity of using actual bullets and firearm.

At noon, we are going to relish semolina dish like the communists. We also enjoy tea time and then return to Ho Chi Minh City by bus. It is the end of the excursion.