Ho Chi Minh / Vinh Long / Can Tho / Cai Rang

Mekong Delta Experience on the wheels. You will travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long, Can Tho. This excursion also combines to the serveral hours on boat, walking into the river-side village and home hosted meals. By many interesting activities on the delta, you will have the chance to touch to the real authentic life of locals. Let's immerse yourself into the abundant life of Mekong as well as luxuriant gardens on the banks.

The first day: Ho Chi Minh - Cai Be - Vinh Long

From Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh long with 30-kilometer-long way cycling. We are going to leave Ho Chi Minh toward Cai Lay in the forenoon. Then we move to Cai Be where we join a cruise on the branch of Mekong River. We have chances tp admire the ordinary life of people living and earning their livelihood on Mekong Plain.

At Cai Be, we drop in on a distinctive floating market and contemplate the process of making rice paper by a family. It is an important material for many dishes. In a house of native people, we will enjoy lunch in the midst of bonsai and fruit gardens. After that, we spend time watching traditional music of our country. The next destination will be An Binh Island. On the way there, we see tranquil views of farm work. We are going to rest in Vinh Long.

Introduction about Mekong Delta:
The troublesome river handling results in the separation of its residents in place of gathering them together. The first community was noticed around 2100 before Christ. The most notable illustration of the culture of Iron Age is Ban Chiang. The initial recognized civilization was in Mekong Plain of Funan’s Khmer-India culture. Close to An Giang, people detected Roman Empire coins in the digging in Oc Eo.
In the 5th century, Chenla Khmer achieved the success. The Angkor Khmer Kingdom was the final Indianized government of this area.  In the period of the Khmer Kingdom collapse, Mekong was the boundary of the Northern Vietnam and Siam state, between Cambodia and Laos and affected by their force.
In the year 1540, Portuguese Antonio de Faria was the earliest putting the foot on this area. This river was described in a map of the Europe in the year 1563 despite its obscure information about the upstream. The concern of the European people for it was infrequent. Portuguese and Spanish arranged evangelists and trading journey. Meantime, Gerrit van Wuysthoff who was a Dutch commanded to explore Mekong.
In the year 1641 and 1642, the Vientiane also came. In the middle of the 19th century, French people were keen on this area seriously. In the year 1861, they seized Ho Chi Minh City. Two years later, they set up the protect-control state in Cambodia. 


The second day: Vinh Long - Can Tho (50km riding)

50 kilometers from Vinh Long to Can Tho by bike. We call on craftwork to watch the native people produce brick, tofu and floor tile in the forenoon. After that, we move to Can Tho where we pay a visit to the fruit market in the afternoon. Our night will be in this area.

The last day: Can Tho - Ho Chi Minh City (30km riding)

from Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh with 30 kilometers by cycle. In the morning, departing from Ninh Kieu Pier we are going to Cai Rang to visit the floating market. We keep traveling on a path toward the orchard where we can enjoy Mekong fresh fruits. On the way back to Saigon, we also relish the lunch. End of Mekong Delta Biking Tour 3 Days.

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