Ha Noi / Mai Chau / Cuc Phuong / Tam Coc / Ninh Binh

Cuc Phuong became the wood reserve in the year 1960. Two years later, President Ho Chi Minh confirmed that it was the national park of our country. The appearance of human beings in this place was from 7000 to 12000 years ago, much earlier than the advent of this park.

This park is the habitat of various fauna and flora species. There are 97 types of mammals with the most remarkable animals in the edge of extinction namely Langur, 36 reptile kinds, 300 bird species, 11 fish species, 2000 kinds of trees, 17 types of amphibians and several insect species. Many of 

The first day: over 52 kilometers from Hanoi to Mai Chau (with lunch).

We will start leaving Hanoi heading toward Hoa Binh. From there, we move to Mai Chau by bicycle. The trip will be very enjoyable when we travel through hamlets of the ethnic people. We reach the highland in the middle of the afternoon after passing tea and coffee farms. You are going to drop in on Thai village freely and relish a meal in the evening. After that, we stay the night here.

The second day: more than 110 kilometers from Mai Chau to Cuc Phuong National Park (with breakfast and lunch)

Firstly, we are served a meal in the morning. Next, we move to Man Duc by cycle. The whole day will be cycling day on native routes heading to Bo. At night, we are going to rest at this park. 

The third day: 80-kilometer-long way from Cuc Phuong to Tam Coc (include breakfast and lunch).

We enjoy breakfast at the restaurant inside the park. Then we call on Endangered Primate Rescue Center. We are going to travel to the park’s heart by bus and then to the park’s gate through the primordial forest by cycle. We keep moving toward Ria to take a cruise in Tam Coc. Then we go to Ninh Binh and stay there.

The last day: 20 kilometers from Ninh Binh back to Hanoi with breakfast and lunch served.

Departing from Ninh Binh in the forenoon, we travel to Kenh Ga floating hamlet where we join a cruise experiencing the fishing hamlet and relish a meal at noon with native people. The trip ends with the return of us back to Hanoi by bus.


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- Breakfast 

- Lunch