Ha Noi / Mai Chau

Mai Chau is about 135 kilometers faraway from Hanoi. Tourists have a chance to contemplate the striking views of this area from the Cun peak. Mai Chau which is in the midst of lush valley with the existence of stilt houses is home to Thai minority. Alongside the way, there are a lot of stilt houses. They are fairly big and formed by a glazed bamboo floor and palm-leaf house top. In the middle of the house is a kitchen where the local people prepare food and weave the brocade. This kind of fabric is the main material of their garment. Stilt houses which have big patterned windows own a fish pond.

We are going to leave Hanoi heading toward Luong Son. On the way there, we can admire the striking sceneries of rural villages. After that, we drop in on Thay Pagoda and then travel to Mai Chau by cycle. There, we are served a meal at noon in a restaurant of native people. After eating, we are free to stroll around the area. At night, we take a rest in a native’s house.

Refer Mai Chau Travel Activities:

A large number of people come to the town to join the Sunday market. They are from various ethnic mountainous groups. They bring their items such as brocade, banana, corn and honey to sell in Mai Chau Market. It is time to try long-established food of Thai people and take part in their dance.

Another activity is leaving the highest point of the pier and then travel on descend for the truck. You should remember that you have to be careful when going down the steep from the top because the over control will happen making you fall off the bike.

The fast-moving stream makes an extremely wet tunnel with the whole-swing flood gate due to the fact that the air is absorbed by countless cubic-meter water dashing through every second. Being on feet on the platform nearby the water wall draws tourists with inspiration.

In the morning, we are going to relish a meal and call on the hazy view in the western Vietnam. Alongside the railway, we are going to walk leisurely. We will stop and have plain lunch on the lawn. After that, we return the local house and take out baggage to come back Hanoi. 


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