Bat Trang / Dong Ho

Red River Plain is a smooth and even delta. Red River along with its branches and Thai Binh River which is in the north of our country combine together to create this plain. Its area is about 15000 kilometer square with the protection of piers around. There are a lot of residents living in this region which is productive for the agriculture. The majority of its area is for rice growing.

Hanoi is Vietnamese capital city about 1 thousand years. It can be regarded as the culture heart of our country with the mark of all dynasties. Despite the fact that the time and wars have damaged the relics that some of them vanished, there a considerably striking historical and cultural statues. 

In the time of Nguyen dynasty that the capital was transferred to Hue in the year 1802, Hanoi still developed. When the French colonists controlled the country in 1888...

This tour occurs in the whole day. In the afternoon, we start to travel to ceramic village named Bat Trang. We are going to move by cycle to explore this spot. We have a chance to talk with artists in their work place. You are taught to create a pottery on your own.

The next destination is Dong Ho which is well-known as picturesque tourist attraction. We will get there by cycling through gorgeous paddy fields in the Red River Plain. We drop in on Mr. Che’s house and have lunch there. He is an artisan who owns a “golden hand”. After that, we keep moving toward But Thap Pagoda about 8 kilometers cycling. This pagoda is among the biggest ones in the north.
After 1 hour calling on this place, we will come back to Hanoi.