Ha Noi / Hoa Lu / Tam Coc - Bich Dong

Tam Coc - Bich Dong which is located close to Ninh Binh city in the north Vietnam is a very famous spot. We will start with the journey to Tam Coc within 3 hours on boat on Ngo Dong River be departing from Van Lam village. Passing through the beautiful nature of karst mountains and paddy fields. We are going to travel crossing Ca, Hai and Ba Cave. Among these three ones, the largest cave is 2 meters high and 125 meters long. One or two native women who sell embroidery will be in charge of rowing the boat.

On Ngu Nhac Moutain, there is pagoda named Bich Dong which was built in 1428. It is a three-part pagoda including Thuong, Trung and Ha which is divided by their descending position. Trips with tour guide will be amazing with the information about its history and the spectacular view from above.

50-kilometer-long route with lunch served.
We are going to leave Hanoi in the forenoon heading to Hoa Lu.  After that we drop in on well-known temples of Dinh and Le Dynasty and the Vietnamese ancient capital. Then we will go on the tranquil roads crossing paddy fields, stoned formation, rivers and villages by cycle. When reaching Tam Coc, we will have lunch and then keep traveling to Sunny Port. Next, we are going to join a boat trip in the center of hinterland Halong Bay.

In this short cruise, we will float on Ngo Dong river and pass through gorgeous sceneries such as karst formation and paddy fields. We will pay a visit to some grottoes such as Ca, Hai and Ba Cave. Among these three caves, the biggest one is 2 meter high over the water and 125 meter long. Close the little temple, we will have a break.

After that, we come back to the boat and travel back to the port. We finish the tour by cycling to Tam Coc village and then taking a bus toward Hanoi. 

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