Hoi An / Quang Ngai / Sa Huynh / Quy Nhon / Tuy Hoa / Nha Trang

One of the quietest cities in Vietnam, charming Hoi An is a must for culture buffs. Ancient buildings line the picturesque streets of the old town which are intact, having managed to avoid the ravages of war. This former tranquil fishing village is jam-packed with history and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hoi An is a great place to really get up close and personal with the real Vietnam, her people and her past. The old town offers countless historical walking tours and is easy to navigate on foot or by hiring a bicycle. 12th century pagodas rest alongside locations once bustling with traders from the west in the 17th century, when Hoi An was one of Asia’s most important trade ports. Hoi An also boasts a beautiful coastline. Cua Dai and China Beach are long sandy stretches perfect for diving and windsurfing, with golf courses also close by.

The first day in Hoi An (include lunch and dinner)

In the forenoon time, we relax in the ancient trading wharf. Then we ride the bike around Hoi An. Coming to a strangely attractive village which is located in the midst of coconut wood and paddy fields, we keep going to a strawberry orchard talking with the native people. You are free to enjoy the leisure time at the seashore. 

The second day: from Hoi An to Quang Ngai and to Sa Huynh (include breakfast and lunch)

In the early forenoon, we are going to depart from Hoi An heading to Quang Ngai. When reaching here, we travel by bike to Chau O town from Tam Ky and then change the direction to coastline. We continue to pass Sa Ky fishing village to approach My Lai. It is well-known for the 504 indigenous people slaughter in the period of Vietnam War. We take a bus through the beautiful avenue alongside the seaboard to the south. We are going to travel to hotel in the evening at Sa Huynh seashore. 

The third day: from Sa Huynh to Quy Nhon (include breakfast, lunch and dinner)

In the forenoon, you will be collected by the bus at your hotel. Within 1 hour, you will reach Tam Quan and then begin riding across fishing village, mountains, salt and rice fields. The lunch will be in a native restaurant. We continue the trip towards Tuy Phuoc Town. Here, we drive to Qui Nhon City within a half hour. After that, you are free to eat and explore the surrounding in the night time. 

The fourth day: from Quy Nhon to Tuy Hoa and then to Nha Trang (include breakfast, lunch)

It is also a riding day. We travel to a distinctive small road alongside the Reunion Railway. We leave the town to enjoy the remote atmosphere in the hilly road. We have a break at Dai Lanh seashore to swimming in the turquoise water. We move to Nha Trang and stay the night here. 

The last day: Cruise in Nha Trang and return (include breakfast, lunch)

At first we are served breakfast. Then we go to Nha Trang Port and take a cruise. We are going to the beautiful aquarium before reaching Mun Islet. Next we return our hotel, take our baggage and leave.

- Breakfast 

- Lunch 

- Dinner